Ladies and gentlemen, March Madness is upon us. It’s that beautiful time of the year when the impossible becomes possible, college careers come to an end, stars are born, and champions are crowned. This year my beloved Tar Heels are back in the tourney to defend their title. Can they do it? Yes. It will not be easy, but they definitely have some things that give them an advantage.

            The biggest advantage the Tar Heels carry into the NCAA tourney is experience. The roster has guys who have National title game experience. While a lot of teams may be younger, more athletic and carry bigger names, none of those teams have been battle tested the way the Heels have. With seniors Joel Berry III, and Theo Pinson leading the charge, their experience in the spot light will be vital for the Heels to survive and advance in every game. While other guys on the roster may not have the big minutes from past NCAA tournament trips to rely on, they were there, so they know what’s at stake and what it takes to win.

Starting off the tourney in Charlotte is also a huge plus. Being the second seed and playing in Tar Heel country should be very beneficial. With the fan support that should flood Charlotte, NC the Tar Heels should feel at home. The young bigs should definitely benefit from this. They have played in some big games, but nothing compares to a do or die game in the tourney. The fan support should help ease early nerves, and help them just in case they hit any rough moments. I can’t wait to see the pictures of my fellow alumni who I know will be there to support in huge numbers.

Now that we have discussed some advantages, lets talk what must happen that will ensure the trophy comes to Chapel Hill. UNC basketball has been as bad or as great as fans make it seem. As an alum and fan, I like most over exaggerate every loss. But now is not the time for inconsistency.

The young big men have showed flashes of what they can bring to the table, now they have to turn those flashes into extended moments for six crucial games. Another concern is, who relieves Joel Berry? Joel has logged heavy minutes all year. While I know Joel is as tough as they come, having a plan B is never a bad thing. The lost of Jalek Felton hurts, but now is the time for Seventh Woods to begin to take the wheel as UNC’s next PG.

The time is almost here, the NCAA tourney is about to start. I’m taking my Tar Heels to win it all based on experience alone. Do yourself a favor fill out your bracket with the Heels winning again, trust me. I did tell you all about Luke Maye three years ago (wink).



Till next time… GO HEELS!

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