My 2018 Review… A Year of Growth!

If only one word can describe my 2018, it would be 素晴らしい, that is amazing in Japanese. The way God lined things up for my family, friends and I was truly a blessing.

Most of my 2018 was spent in Japan. Last season was my return to Japan after ten years and went exactly the way I wanted it to. I always wanted to return to Japan so that family could be fully indulged in the culture. Both of my kids attended school while in Japan and even picked up on the language. Living in Japan isn’t difficult, but it is different. It also helps a lot that we live in a large city like Tokyo. My wife and kids did a lot of exploring, at times, even without me. They visited every popular destination in Tokyo. I love the fact that my family is able to truly experience Japan and the culture. Traveling and living abroad is truly a blessing because it forces us to get out of our comfort zone and adjust to new surroundings and a totally different culture. One thing we always do is try to incorporate some of the things that we learned from living abroad into our daily lives. 
Personally, I spent a lot of my time this past year reading and learning. I always loved to read, but this past year I found myself digging even deeper into subject matters that I really enjoy. The subjects that I enjoy most are, financial literacy, history and self-improvement. My top books that I read this year were; “As A Man Thinketh” by James Allen, “The Art  & Science of Respect” by James Prince, “Think and Grow Rich” by Dennis Kimbro and Napoleon Hill, and also, “Retire Young, Retire Rich”, by Robert Kiyosaki. I was once told that readers are leaders and I believe that. I also believe that education and learning never stops. With all the reading that I have been doing, I have decided to write my own books. Two are finished and the others are in the works. Stay tuned!
On the basketball side of things 2018 was great. I was able to add another championship to my resume, I re-signed with the team that I won with and we are back in the hunt for another championship. I’m healthy, productive, and still going strong doing what I love to do, so no complaints from me.
My biggest blessing from 2018 is finding out that my wife and I are expecting twins! A baby boy and a baby girl aka The Williams Twins are on the way. The twins are exciting for our family. This is the first set of twins on my side of the family and will be the fourth set of twins on my wife’s side of the family. One thing that I learned with the announcement of the twins is that “God will give you exactly what you ask for”, so guard your tongue. I say that because my wife and I prayed for our dream home and got it, we also prayed for our dream home to be big enough for us to grow into. With a family of six and a one hundred pound Pitbull, we are definitely growing into our home beautifully. On another note for 2018 review, some other small yet big things happened. We one to Disney Land Tokyo for my birthday. My son Nash got a haircut. My daughter Nailah, became my Japanese teacher. My niece, Naz Hillmon, won a gold medal with the under 19 USA team and signed a letter of intent to go to the University of Michigan. We spent quality time with family and friends in the US. I went surfing for the first time. Our non profit organization, Strive To Excel, has continued to expand and extend its reach in North Carolina, as well as Ohio. Strive To Excel will be in multiple countries very very soon. My 2018 wasn’t all highlights, unfortunately I lost a cousin and good friend. May Shelton Williams and Cerrone Edwards rest in peace.
2019 is almost upon us and I am 100% claiming it as my year! 2019, literally is my year, my birthdate says so. I wish you all great year as well. May your neighbors respect you, trouble neglect you, angels protect you, and heaven accept you… Happy New Year!

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